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permanent hair
Hair Extensions

Hairs play an essential role when it comes to shaping your look and every look needs different hair length, your western dresses want short hair and your wedding perfect Indian dresses need  long hair to get that picture-perfect look. In today's time when we are stuck between I want to cut my hair short and I want my long hair back, we have a perfect solution, hair extensions. If  you are looking for hair extensions in Jabalpur we at Deep Beauty Parlour provide the best permanent hair extension in Jabalpur. Hair extensions are always a safe road to go on when it comes to your hair, they do not bring any harm to your natural hair and give a perfect look too. Hair extensions are growing rapidly,
from movie stars to your co-workers. It's easier and more often than you may imagine. You'll be pleased to find that it's only a consultation away if you want hair that behaves significantly better than your own or greater volume or length.Have you been curious about the many kinds of hair extensions? What are the available types, and what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? Which hair extension lengths and styles are offered? How much hair must I have to be able to utilize hair extensions? How many/how much do I need, and how much will it cost? What is the expense of maintenance and how difficult are they to keep up? Here’s something you need to know before getting your hair extensions done.

Do’s And Dont After Permanent Hair Extensions

Nothing messes up a perfect look like a terrible hair day. Since only pure human hair is used in the best permanent hair extensions, you'll need to take care of that weave to keep it looking lovely. To keep them looking excellent, you must know what to do and what to avoid doing and although it could include a few extra steps, we promise it will be worthwhile. Although maintaining permanent hair extensions is not difficult, you will need to devote some time and energy to their upkeep. Although your extensionist will give you a programme that is personalised for you, everyone, regardless of the type of hair they have, should adhere to these "do's and donts."

Regular cleansing
Aim to shampoo two to three times each week, being very careful not to massage, scrub, or bunch your hair as you do so. Never overstress your bond, whether it's tape-in or keratin because that's the key to longevity. Take it easy! Your extensions won't tangle or become dry out if you use leave-in conditioners. Only the midshaft to the ends of your hair should receive regular daily conditioner.
Say no to brushing wet hairs
You should never comb or brush wet permanent hair extensions. The stress on the bond, whether it is made of tape or not, may cause it to deteriorate too soon. Regular nylon or bristle brushes have the potential to be harsh, yanking and pulling on knots, which can shorten the lifespan of your extensions.
Condition the lengths
After washing, compress the lengths with a towel to remove any remaining water carefully. Only use recommended items to condition your hair extensions from the nape of your neck down, and then wait a few minutes before rinsing. Your bonds should never come in contact with conditioner.
Never sleep with wet hairs

Never let your hair (or extensions) become too wet before bed, and never use a blow dryer on high heat to "quick dry" your hair. Even worse than using too much heat on your natural hair, using too much heat on permanent hair extensions may cause them to dry out and become frizzy since they won't receive the oils from your scalp. Never wear a ponytail if you have your hair up at night.
Dont rub the extensions
After shampooing and conditioning, pat the hair dry with a towel while squeezing out any remaining water. This will drastically shorten the drying time. The cuticle may be permanently damaged if you rub your hair extensions while shampooing
and drying them.
Try to give less tension to the roots
When brushing or combing your permanent hair extensions, hold them at all times. Move up, starting two inches from the ends. For bed, plait or bun your hair loosely and low. For the first four weeks following application, avoid wearing your hair up because this may result in tension areas and/or root damage. Never pull on your hair or style it into a bun, ponytail, or another tight style.
Use quality products
The improper shampoo will cause your bonds to fall apart. They'll begin to fade, then get soft and/or shed. Avoid bleaching or applying permanent hair dye to your bonds or extensions. Four weeks after application, semi-permanent colours can be utilised,
but if you get them on your bonds, they will fall off. Be cautious when using styling products and only use shampoo on your bonds.
Nothing compares to the moment you first see your new look after having extensions installed, but if you don't take care of them, they most definitely won't last as long as you'd planned. Your hair will remain immaculate for months by incorporating the aforementioned measures into your routine and making monthly maintenance sessions.

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